1M-Telescope: Fits Header

SIMPLE= True/ conforms to FITS standard
BITPIX= 16/ array data type
NAXIS= 2/ number of data axes
NAXIS1= 2048/
NAXIS2= 2048/
EXTEND= True/ Extensions are permitted
BZERO= 32768/ offset data range to that of unsigned short
BSCALE= 1/ physical = BZERO + BSCALE*array_value
DATE-OBS= 2022-04-22T16:11:58.58/ Date-Time for start of exposure
EXPTIME= 5/ actual integration time (sec)
OBJECT= Noname/ object name
ASCOMOBJ= / ASCOM object name
IMAGETYP= ThAr/ object, flat, dark, bias
OBSERVER= Gorda S.Y./ Observer
RA= 22:19:16.97/ RA of the fiber position
DEC= 56:08:47.8/ Dec of the fiber position
EPOCH= 2000.0/ epoch of RA and DEC
ZDIST= 66.7022/ zenith distance (deg)
AZIMUTH= 358.9311/ azimuth from north (deg)
AIRMASS= 2.52/ airmass for start of exposure
ORIGIN= URFU/ organization responsible for the data
TELESCOP= APM-1.2M/ Telescope
INSTRUME= UFES/ instrument
FIBERSZ= 10/ fiber diameter (arcsec)
FOCUSPOS= 139.53/ focus position of telescope
SEEING= 0/ seeing at fiber input (arcsec)
CAMERA= Andor DZ936-BEX2DD/ Camera name
CCD-TEMP= -84.439/ CCD temperature at start of exposure (C)
SET-TEMP= -85/ CCD temperature setpoint (C)
RATE= 50/ horizontal readout rate (KPix/sec)
GAIN= 1/ gain, electrons per adu
RDNOISE= 3.1/ readnoise (e)
XBINNING= 1/ Binning factor in width
YBINNING= 1/ Binning factor in height
XPIXSZ= 13.5/ Pixel Width in microns (after binning)
YPIXSZ= 13.5/ Pixel Height in microns (after binning)
XSTART= 1/ X start of subframe (after binning)
YSTART= 1/ Y start of subframe (after binning)
XEND= 2048/ X end of subframe (after binning)
YEND= 2048/ Y end of subframe (after binning)
AMB-TEMP= 0/ ambient temperature (C)
SKY-TEMP= 0/ sky temperature from MLX-90614 sensor (C)
WIND= 0/ average wind (m/s)
WINDMAX= 0/ max wind (m/s)
RHMDTY= 0/ relative humidity (%)
PRESSURE= 0/ pressure (Pa)
SEEINMON= 0/ seeing monitor (arcsec)
EXTINMON= 0/ relative extinction for Polaris, Vmag
EXTINWFC= 0/ relative extinction from WF camera, Vmag
SKY-BKG= 0/ sky brightness from WF camera, (Vmag/arcsec^2)
MIRRTEMP= 4.99/ mirror temperature (C)
CELLTEMP= 4.8/ cell temperature (C)
DOMETEMP= 1.77/ indome temperature (C)
OBSERVAT= KAO/ observatory name
OBSERVID= 168/ observatory code
LONG= 03:58:11/ observatory longitude (hh:mm:ss)
LONGDEG= 59.545735/ observatory longitude (degrees)
LAT= 57:02:11/ observatory latitude (dd:mm:ss)
LATDEG= 57.036537/ observatory latitude (degrees)
ALTITUDE= 290.0/ observatory altitude (meters above SL)
UTMIDDLE= 16:12:00.00/ UT on the middle exp (hh:mm:ss.sss)
JD-OBS= 2459692.17498/ JD of start of exposure
JDMIDDLE= 2459692.17501/ JD of middle of exposure
MJD-OBS= 59691.6749778/ MJD of start of exposure
LST-OBS= 10:12:57.58/ sidereal time for start of exposure
STMIDDLE= 10:13:00.09/ sidereal time of middle of exposure
MOON_AZ= 58.9985/ moon azimuth from north (deg)
MOON_ZD= 139.0476/ moon zenith distance (deg)
MOONPHAS= 0.5/ moon phase (0=new, 0<growing<180)
SUN_AZ= 304.6296/ sun azimuth from north (deg)
SUN_ZD= 96.5202/ sun zenith distance (deg)
DATAMIN= 294/ Min pixel value
DATAMAX= 63841/ Max pixel value
DATAMEAN= 608.304706335/ Mean value

1M-Telescope, 2022